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People who have performed with Waqidi Falicoff, Hamilton Camp, The True Brethren, Grinage, Pickford, Sherry Snow, Blackburn & Snow, Jay Rosenberg, Krishnadas, Ellis Rich, Laletin, Hamilton Bailie, Laura Bailie, Helen Tarantino, Top Topham, Hoopes, Lewis, Pederson,

Now playing Lake Isle of Innisfre (by Hamid Hamilton Camp with lyrics adapted from the poem of the same name by William Butler Yeats. With arrangements by The True Brethren) from Sunrise – a compilation of four songs from a radio show in 1969.

Vocal & Guitar: Hamid Hamilton Camp, Guitar: Waqidi Falicoff,  Dilruba:Raphael Grinage,  Flute: Loren Pickford